Epic Germany – Warum?

You are a tourist. You are going to Germany for work. You want to travel to Germany but don’t want to spend all your time and money once there finding the best experience. We have all been there. The trip is planned, the tickets booked. Now what? What happens when I get there? What food should I try? How do I use public transportation without being ripped off? What are some phrases and words that are good to know so I would embarrass myself?

Background – Hintergrund

In 1998 I came to Germany and was LOST. Sure I had the luxury to be in the US Army and therefore didn’t ever really need to leave the base. We have just about everything you would need. That only went so far. At some point if you really want to experience Germany, or anyplace for that matter you have to take the plunge and get out there.

If you are a tourist and only have a short stay, or on business and only have a few days to explore, you don’t want to spend that time look for your next move. You want to know what is going on. You want to know how to get there and what to do when you get there. Maybe before you get here you want to know a little about the people, or the history of the area to enrich your stay even more.

Moving Along – Weiter Geht’s

That is where this community comes in. I am striving to build a site to share not only my knowledge, but the knowledge of people I know. There will be interviews, reviews, how-to guides, locations specific guides, and much more. The sky really is the limit. I am only the beginning. I hope you and others will help me in this journey. Share your experiences, give feedback.

Why Epic Germany? There are plenty of other sites out there TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Lonely Planet, just to name a few. Those are great sites with great information. Epic Germany will be different and offer a different perspective, because I am here. I live and work here. I use the other sites quite often and I encourage you to as well, but have you ever read a personal account of Fasching on TripAdvisor, or learn the ins and out of riding the S-Bahn to Frankfurt?

What Can You Do? – Was Kann Ich Tun?

Now this is where you come in. Please help me build this site. Ask questions. Offer your insights. Have you been to Germany and found something odd and wanted to know more? This is our place. I cannot do it without you. I don’t want to do it without you. Take a moment to send me an email and just say hi. Post a comment below if you feel so brave. Like Epic Germany on Facebook and Join the discussion. Provide feedback and let me know what you want to her about.

I hope that gives you a better idea of who I am and what this site is and will be all about. Enjoy your stay.

Danke und bis bald!!