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 Der Anfang – The Beginning

Welcome to the first post. You are looking for information about Germany? Want to know why stores are closed on Sundays here? Maybe you want to know more about Oktoberfest. Or what they typical drink of choice is in Frankfurt.

You have come to the right place. With this post we begin a journey that will take us from the majestic peaks of the German Alps to the coast of the Baltic Sea, from the depths of the Black Forrest to the exciting night life of Berlin.

History and culture will be discussed. Culture and traditions will be covered. What is the best place to eat in Frankfurt? What is Fasching and what are they yelling in the streets? How much beer is in a Masskrug? You have questions, and we have answers!

Was zu tun? – What to do?

What can you do to help you ask? It is quite simple.

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  4. Have Fun!!

That’s it. Soon this site will be a treasure trove of knowledge about Germany. We ave lots in store for you. Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions you have.

Liebe Grüße